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If you’re new to the hobby this page serves as a beautiful window into the world of fresh water aquarium fish species. As a public service announcement, I must add that you should look carefully into the requirements of a particular fish before you decide to take one home. There are just too many sad stories from beginners who failed to do this.

On the other hand, if you’re not just browsing the many varieties but are looking for information or help on a particular kind of fish, this page serves as a central hub to a plethora of information. Fish species that I have written about show up here and are listed in alphabetical order for quick access. As always, I link out to information from other experienced hobbyists from around the web in addition to providing my own insight on a given topic. This allows for quick, yet thorough research.

betta fish
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Native to southeast asia, there are 73 species of fish in the genus Betta, but the Betta splendens or the Siamese fighting fish is the most popular in the aquarium hobby. Due to its relatively low maintenance, bright colors and general beauty it is one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world.