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Welcome to Aguatik, the "go-to" place for information and help on all things aquarium, i.e. fresh water aquariums. There isn't a dearth of information or supportive aquarists online when it comes to queries regarding the set-up, water parameters, stocking and maintenance of aquariums. However, the information is often very scattered and you have to go through pages and pages of forum posts to find the help you need.

This can at times make things difficult, especially when you have a serious issue at hand, which in my case was my favorite Platty swimming with its tail up (a swim bladder issue and thankfully nothing too serious). It took me quite a while to find the help I needed due to the many conversations on forums that I had to go through. For those interested, my most frequented forum is fishlore for all things fish and the sub-reddit Shrimptank for all things shrimp.

The simple categorization below will help you get to where you need to go. I hope you enjoy reading and learning, just as much as I have enjoyed writing and researching this information. Scroll further down for a bit about me and Aguatik.

Freshwater Fish
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Freshwater Fish

Here you will find profiles for different aquarium fish varieties including care guides, tank mates and disease profiles.

Getting a Little Personal

Growing up I had a simple guppy pond with hyacinth, water lettuce and water spangles, nothing fancy. Definitely not as cool as this one (Youtube) I saw the other day. Over the past couple of years I have gotten myself a planted tank with an external hydroponic system that acts as a filter, and I have got a shrimp tank in my bedroom. Nothing extravagant, because like most of you I am just a hobby aquarist.

Aguatik was created with the goal of being a hub of information. Helpful guides from experience and put together through research with sources and forum conversations being linked to when relevant so that you find the information you need quickly and without having to read through tens and at times hundreds of forum posts (not pages).